Cobwebs removed, dusting, floors cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors / chrome fixtures cleaned, shower doors cleaned, tile walls, bathtub / showers cleaned.


Footer, fan, blinds and doors.
We change the sheets and clean dust from the floor.

Living Areas

Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned, general dusting, floors cleaned.

Living Areas

Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned, general dusting, floors cleaned.


Windows, Cabinets, Footer, Blinds,
Cooker, Microwave, Toaster, Coffee machine.

Need home cleaning?

We start with a thorough detail-clean throughout your house over the course of the first two cleans. On the first clean, our maid service will thoroughly clean your house, with special attention on your kitchen and bathrooms. On the second session, we’ll clean your entire house, but this time we’ll provide detail-clean services in your sleeping and living areas. We’ll continue to maintain this detail-clean level throughout your home throughout our next visits by providing deep cleaning services on a rotating basis.

Offices, Restaurants and Business Areas

We have a professional cleaning team that knows how to look at your business area and clean it from top to bottom.  Unexpected clients coming for an important meeting.  No stress here.  We will will keep your business and office areas sparkling for customers and employees alike.

Professional Team

We have extensive experience in commercial cleaning. Employees who are committed to providing high quality services.
Our Cleaners receive extensive training and apply the best cleaning practices for residential and commercial customers.

Superior results

Do you need a professional cleaning business to clean your commercial establishment? Nothing is more stressful than having a business that is messy, dirty, and dusty.  If you are feeling that stress, then we have a team of cleaning professionals that can ease that pain.

Home Organizing

Closet Organizing

Garage Organizing

Junk Removal

We can handle it

Organization is an arduous and time-consuming task. That’s why many people only do this once or twice a year.

Our team can assist you with closet organization. And after our organization your closet will be easier to maintain.


Move in/ move out cleaning:

– Dust
– kitchen appliances
– Clean out cabinets
– Clean sinks & countertops
– Scrub toilets
– Scrub shower & bathtub
– Wipe down baseboards
– Vacuum and sweep all floors

It's time!

It’s time to get your home or apartment looking great before you move in or after you move out.

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